The Highland Fling - Web Standards in Scotland

FanDuel Glasgow, 5th Floor 2 West Regent St Glasgow G2 1RW

18:00 - 21.00: Feb 23rd, 2017

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This Session: Professionalism

With fake news and emissions tests in the headlines the ethics of software development are being called into question. Software is increasingly affecting people's lives and, with the internet of things and driverless cars, it's no longer confined to the virtual world. Our industry is on the brink of challenges which will be very disruptive and very unpleasant and which will test us as we’ve never been challenged.

Doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers all face a similar challenge regarding the consequences of their actions and have professional certifications and codes of conduct.

In this session we will be discussing what it means to be a recognised professional and what steps, as industry, we can take to move in this direction. Join us at 6pm in FanDuel's offices in Glasgow to take part in the discussion.

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About Highland Fling : Sessions

The Sessions is a regular forum where we discuss the issues that our industry faces. We want to provide support to people of all levels to help them get their jobs done. We want to inspire. We want to work together to solve common problems.

This isn't a cutting edge technical conference aimed at rock star developers. The web industry employs a wide range of specialists. We firmly believe that the only way it will improve is by gathering the people that are the industry to collectively explore how we make that happen and troubleshoot our jobs.


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